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Nouveaux services de jardinage et d’entretien paysager offerts par Primo Landscaping à Ottawa.

Comme propriétaire d'une compagnie de service jardinier et d'aménagement paysager à Ottawa, je rencontre plusieurs personnes avec divers besoins. De plus en plus les gens me demandent de trouver des solutions afin de réduire l'effort et le temps nécessaires afin de bien entretenir leur jardin tout en composant avec les températures qui semblent être de [...]

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New landscaping, landscape maintenance and gardening services being offered by Primo Landscaping in Ottawa.

As a business owner I speak to a lot of clients and people I meet every season.One issue that comes up more and more is :”Is it possible to have a lawn and garden area with curb appeal or a lush backyard that will not require constant weeding, watering or ongoing maintenance. I just don’t [...]

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The Benefits of Mulch

When you own a landscaping and gardening business in Ottawa, it is inevitable that friends and clients will ask what can I do to make my garden and flower beds easier to maintain? I truly believe that the single most important thing, other than appropriate plant selection and proper planting procedure, is adding mulch to [...]

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Spring organic insect and disease treatments

Help! My garden is dying! That’s a pretty dramatic statement and it is something I hear every year from exasperated Ottawa homeowners. If you’ve spent any amount of time in a typical zone 5 climate, by the time mid April rolls around you are ready for warmer days with many hours of sunshine. Those of [...]

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Slit seeding – THE lawn rejuvenation method

If you live on Ottawa and own a home with a lawn chances are that after a long Winter when Spring finally arrives and the grass starts to come back to life, it looks a little worse for wear. Many homeowners take on the Spring cleanup of their lawn themselves by taking out the dead [...]

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Low maintenance gardens aka xeriscaping

I have often asked clients and friends over the years, “Would you like to have a beautiful and colourful flower garden that is also easy to maintain?”. I have seen mostly skeptical faces looking back at me wondering what I could possibly offer that fits both those criteria. One client even asked if the plan [...]

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