As a business owner I speak to a lot of clients and people I meet every season.

One issue that comes up more and more is :”Is it possible to have a lawn and garden area with curb appeal or a lush backyard that will not require constant weeding, watering or ongoing maintenance. I just don’t have enough time to take care of all that.”

The first service we will be offering to solve the lack of time to take care of all the gardening needs many people have is a planting service to install bulbs, annuals and shrubs as well as trees up to 10 feet tall. This may sound like a standard garden service being offered in Ottawa. What makes our gardening service different is that unlike many landscaping companies we will install plants, annuals or bulbs that you purchase. We of course will continue to offer our own design, supply and installation service as well.

I felt that this gardening service should be offered as a few seniors contacted us to ask if it was possible to plant some tulip and iris bulbs as well as colourful annuals that they had already purchased but just could not plant by themselves.

If you would like to learn more about our design and low maintenance gardening services, also known as xeriscaping, please click on the hyperlink here

The second new landscaping service we are offering is deep root watering, coupled with vacation home checks and watering visits.

You have surely noticed that the last few summers have been very warm here in Ottawa. It is not uncommon for the daily temperature to reach 35 degrees Celsius or more for weeks on end. Such warm days along with extended periods without rainfall can easily take a toll on your plants, hedges and trees. I really saw a need to offer deep root watering as a solution to distressed plants. So, what exactly is deep root watering. We come to a client’s home during these stressfully hot periods with a watering truck equipped with a 100 foot hose that has a special deep root watering wand attachment.  The implement is pushed into the soil near the distressed tree, hedge or plants at a depth of approximately 2 feet. The plant is then slowly watered for a period of 5 to 10 minutes. The benefit of deep root watering is it will allow the roots to migrate deeper into the soil keeping them at a cooler temperature and not forcing them to come closer to the surface which can often put those roots in competition with your lawn’s roots often leading to damage associated with shallow roots. Deep root watering will also allow for less evaporation and allow plants to better thrive during periods of very warm temperatures.

This watering service will also be useful to anyone leaving for a Summer vacation or business trip and who may not want to rely on a neighbour or friend to come to their home and adequately water the trees, hedge or plants.

Our third new garden service being offered is pollinator or butterfly friendly garden design and installation.

We already offer xeriscaping (low maintenance flower beds and gardens) design and installation services which has a similar basic principle. Both butterfly gardens and low maintenance xeriscaping begin with native plants that being from our area will require less maintenance (fertilisation , watering, staking, insect and disease control). The butterfly or pollinator garden is created taking into consideration the sun exposure, soil conditions and area to be transformed.  A good location for this type of garden will receive at least 6 hours of sun and have decent soil without many disruptive roots. The successful butterfly garden will feature indigenous plants with staggered blooming periods in order to feed butterflies and pollinators for most of the growing season. An added attraction of butterfly friendly plants is that they also attract hummingbirds and since we usually only plant perennials your new flower bed will return year after year without excessive work on your part.

We are also promoting garden planning and installation for the visually impaired. We can create multi sensorial areas ranging from a simple small flower bed to a complete backyard that the visually impaired can enjoy. The most important quality that my vision impaired clients have been seeking is a very fragrant mix of shrubs and flowers. Over the years I have planted many such flower beds combining annuals and perennials that will offer daily enjoyment to clients who may not otherwise be able to appreciate their landscaping as much. Garden areas that are highly scented can also be fairly low maintenance. Most of our visually impaired clients do opt to get a monthly weeding and pruning visit as they are unable to perform that themselves.

If you would like more information or a quote for Spring cleanup and gardening services in Ottawa, home check, deep root watering or butterfly garden pollinator garden, or scented garden for the visually impaired please email at [email protected] or call us at 613.762.1838

Areas of service for gardeners in Ottawa; The Glebe, Dow’s Lake, Alta Vista, Elmvale Acres, Beacon Hill, Beacon Hill North, Rothwell Heights, Rockliffe Park, Manor Park, Carlington, Hintonburg, Westboro, Nepean, Ottawa South, Rideau Gardens, Old Ottawa South, Hunt Club, Heron Park