If you live on Ottawa and own a home with a lawn chances are that after a long Winter when Spring finally arrives and the grass starts to come back to life, it looks a little worse for wear.
Many homeowners take on the Spring cleanup of their lawn themselves by taking out the dead material (dethatching) and spreading out some seed to try to thicken it in a hope to spruce up the curb appeal of the home by doing this.

If you really want to thicken the turf on your property, consider a slice seeding or slit seeding of your lawn.

Slit seeding is performed by going over your grass with a slice seeding machine which resembles a mix between a lawn mower and a snow blower. The seeder is designed to efficiently travel in straight rows over turf all the while performing several functions.

  1. The seeder will open up the soil by slicing it at a depth of approximately 2.5 inches with its stainless steel discs. This is the is the ideal depth for the second function the machine performs.
  2. Grass seed is evenly spread into the thin rows at a depth that protects them from being eaten by birds and while also creating a very good seed to soil contact.

In our real world experience this method achieves the highest germination rate of any of the over seeding methods. With the high quality zone 5 seed mix we use, it is typical to see 80% to 85% germination rates.
I don’t want to discount the other turf improvement methods as they all have their place based on the conditions found on your property.
Traditional over seeding with topsoil is a very good option to fill very bare lawns with fairly large areas that are bare. Adding soil with grass seed is indicated for lawns having suffered fairly severe drought or grub damage. It is also indicated for areas having been stripped bare by city or contractor snow plows.
For the majority of Ottawa homeowners slit seeding remains the most cost effective way to rejuvenate your grass at a very affordable rate.
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